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Recommend a Book

Know a book you think I might like? Maybe you read a book lately that you absolutely fell in love with. Or is there one you want to warn everyone to stay away from?

Comment! Please! I’m always fishing for new books to read.



1. spinflight - November 15, 2007

I’m sure you’ve read them already but I just wanted to tell someone who would understand… I’ve been rereading the Prydain books which I haven’t since childhood. Omg, it was coming back home, meeting old dear friends. I was practically weeping with joy in public as I read them on the train to work or in a restaurant at lunch.

I also saw how much Lloyd Alexander’s outlook on life had very much influenced mine. Ideas that I was trying to incorporate into my writing were responses to his, subconsciously remembered from ages ago in grade school, ingrained into me.

I’m so grateful to him for his books but I never did send the fan letter to him that I’d always meant to. O well, I know thousands of other kids did it for me.

O, btw, Master Chief stopped by and said that he’s gonna take a nap so you might as well fire up that Mac thingy and add a bit to your word count.


2. drew - January 14, 2008

If you are looking for stronger examples of great graphic novels to use in the classroom, two that jump out at me are _Maus_ and _Persepolis_. Both deal with different cultures and are great YA reads.
_Maus_ deals with WWII and the effects that it had on the Jewish cuommunity. The Jews are portrayed as mice while the Nazis are cats. It is quite deep and still relevant to the modern reader (especially coupled with a history section on WWII).
_Persepolis_ is a story of a young girl from the middle east and her story (it has been a while so I cannot recall the entirety of the moral).

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